Benin Names And Their Meaning

Benin names and meaning: When it comes to naming, no tribe is close to Benin.

Benin names and meaning is one thing you will really admire when you come to the city of Benin.

We have sweet names for Males, females and the names that can be given to either a male or a female child (Unisex).

Have you heard Benin names like Aisosa, Obéhi, Ese, Efosa and wants to know what they mean? Then worry no more because you are about to see the top Benin names and their meaning.

Don’t worry about Ishan names and meanings. We have already compiled the best Ishan names and meanings.

We shall arrange the Benin names in alphabetical to ensure that you get the best experience out of it. Who knows if you will find a nice name for your child here?

Benin Names That Begin With “A”

Benin Name Meaning Used For
Amadin Brave enough, If you are not brave enough Male
Adazee Someone who has high morals, people who are royalty. Male
Azagba Out of town, A Child born out of town Male
Akugbe Unity, Let’s unite, Let’s come together Male
Aibangbe Never withdraw from your family, tight family bond Male
Akpata A tough person, a strong person, someone who is unshakable Male
Aibuedefe you can’t predict when someone will prosper unisex
Aigbe Can’t be killed or destroyed Male
Adigbe To prosper Male
Agbonzee This life is very complex, life is difficult to understand Male
Agho Very calm person, reserved personality Male
Amieghemwen My time shall come, it will be my time Female
Aisosa Nobody is above God, God is the highest Male/Female
Born into a rich Family Female
Ayi Creation and rules Female
Atiti Famous, a famours person Female
Asemota My golden years Male
Adolor A peacemaker Male
Adun Favor Male
Asoro Great warrior, renowned fighter Male

Benin Names That Begin With B to E

Benin Name Used For Meaning
Bosa Male In the hands of God, It is in God’s hands
Degbueyi Male Hold on to yours
Diagbonya Unisex Stay alive
Dizola Unisex Weekday


Benin Names That Begin With “E”

Benin Name Used for Meaning
Ebedeguowen Unisex The radiance of the star cannot be eclipse
Ede Female a Crown
Edebiri Male The strong will fulfil his days on earth
Edegbe Male The dawn of a new day
Edehi Unisex Day of destiny, the day that has been destined
Edehia Female Every day
Edekere Unisex There are days left
Edobor Male Edo make make prophecy
Edoghogho Unisex a day full of joy
Edosa Unisex The day of the Lord
Efe Unisex Wealth, affluence
Efeomo Female Child is wealth, a child brings wealth
Efosa Unisex God’s wealth
Efosa Female God’s wealth
Eghe Female Time
Eghosa Unisex God’s time
Eguogie Male The King’s palace
Ehianeta Unisex Is your destiny that you talk with
Ehigiawina Female Appealing to destiny for permission of one’s endeavor
Ehinoma Male Good destiny
Ehinosen Female Good destiny
Ehiosu Female Destiny guide
Ehioze Unisex Destiny made it possible
Ehiozee Unisex Destiny has come to the rescue
Ehiwmenma Female My destiny is good
Ehizogie Female Destiny choose a King or leader
Ekenezar Male Sabbath day
Ekhator Male Your heart dictate your existence on earth
Ekhorose Female Soul is what is beautiful; or Elegant soul
Ekhorutomwen Unisex The content of your character and heart and character is longevity
Ekhosu Female Your destiny is your shepherd
Ekosa Unisex God’s gathering
Ekpen Male Leopard; Lion; or Tiger;
Ekpenede Male Leopard; Lion and Tiger are always victorious in battle
Ekpenriebe Male Leopard don’t dine on plant but blood only
Emotan Female Noble woman
Emovon Male Population of Children
Emumwen; Emuvbhen Unisex Holding on
Emwanmwan Male Plot
Emwanta Unisex Truth
Emwenruwa Male There are words in prosperity
Emwinda Unisex Tight fisted
Enatama Female Who you can speak to
Enibokun Female A very rare and exotic bird
Enikaro Male Saints
Eniye Female My situation
Enobakhare Male What the King has spoken
Enobore Male He that consult the oracle on behalf of the people
Enofe Unisex The wealthy one
Enoma Unisex A good person
Enosakhare Unisex What God has spoken
Enosaze Unisex One God has chosen
Enotayo Female The broadcaster
Erhabor Male Father can prophesy
Erhahon Male My father hear and listen
Erhumwunse Unisex Prayer do come true
Erokpademwen Unisex I am not upset about all of what has happened
Ese Female Act of kindness
Eseidu Female The gift of the land
Eseosa Female God’s gift
Esewie Female Kindness cannot be forgotten
Etinosa Unisex God’s strength and vigor
Etinosasere Unisex God’s power is greater
Evbu Female Morning dew
Evbuomwan Unisex Our community
Evbusogie Female Rich morning dew
Ewaen Male Wisdom
Ewaenigho Male Wisdom is money
Falodun Male
Fosa Male God’s riches
Fuje Female Than laughter
Guobadia Male In the protection of the King

BENIN Names That Begin With “I”

Benin Name Used for Meaning
Ibhafidon Male I did not change or go astray
Ibieuwairo Female There is no set up time to be wealthy
Idah Male Essence
Idahagbon Unisex The essence of life
Idahor Male Essence
Idahosa Male The Essence of God
Idehen Male I am contented, to be contented
Iden Female King’s Ewuakpe’s loyal wife
Idia Female A powerful warrior Queen’s mother
Idiagbon Male I am coming to the world
Idiaghe Male Uprightness
Idusogie Unisex The spirit of the land is worthy of adoration
Idusuyi Unisex Idu spirit is worthy of adoration
Ifaluyi Male Ifa spirit is worthy of adoration
Ifueko Female Calmness, Peaceful, Kind
Igbinedion Male I seek refuge with the elders
Igbinevbho Unisex I seek refuge with the community
Igbineweka Male I seek refuge with Oba Eweka
Igbinoba Male Seeking refuge with the King
Igbinomwanhia Unisex In the refuge of the entire people and community
Igbinosa Unisex I Seek refuge with God
Igbinovia Male I seek refuge with the spirit of ovia river
Ighagbon Unisex Looking at the world
Igharo Female Looking ahead
Ighide Male I will not fall
Ighile Male I will not desert
Igho Unisex Money, cash
Ighodaro Male Looking into the future
Ighomo Female Money spent on a child
Ihueghian Female I will not create enmity
Ikhimwin Male Spiritual tree
Ikpakpa Female The toughness of my character
Ikponmwosa Unisex I am grateful to God
Ikuero Female Deception play and plot
Imade Unisex I stand firmly
Imadiyi Unisex I am law abiding
Imafidon Male I did not wither away
Imagbogho Female I am respectful
Imariabe Female I am not guilty
Imasekha Male I am a hero
Imasogie Unisex I am a leader
Imatiti Female My fame
Imatitikua Female My fame will live forever
Imiamia Female I won’t forget
Imiamiyemwen Female I will not forget my mother
Imiefan Female I am saved
Imudia Unisex Standing firm
Imuetinyanosa Unisex Trust in God
Imuwahen Unisex The beginning of my prosperity
Iredia Unisex I am here to stay
Irene Unisex I have arrive
Ireyuwa Unisex I came at the when there is wealth
Irhenegbe Female I have dignity
Irhonmwan Unisex Influence
Isehenrien Unisex I forgive
Isele Male A coin
Iseleghiomo Male Money is not a child
Isi Unisex Foreign place
Isibor Male Foreign land prophesy
Isimeme Female Foreign land was good to me
Isiuwa Female Centre of prosperity
Isoken Unisex Satisfaction, satified with what God gives
Isokpan Unisex With the exemption
Itohan Female Mercy
Ituah Male I am not in a hurry
Ivie Female Pearl
Iwero Female A wise person
Iwinosa Unisex The work of the Lord
Iwuomo Female Mark of child
Iyagbaye Unisex My life preservation
Iyahen Unisex Application of rules and regulations
Iyalekhue Unisex I forgive
Iyamu Male My continuation
Iyare Unisex Praises
Iyeghewu Female Mothers could have live forever
Iyesogie Female Mother is worthy of adoration
Iyi Unisex Rules and regulations
Iyobosa Unisex The help of God
Iyonawan Female This made me wise
Iyore Female I completed the journey
Ize Unisex I Made my choice
Izegbuwa Female I have charisma of prosperity
Izehi Female I chose destiny
Izekor Male Investing for the future
Izevbigie Male I made my choice among the nobles
Izevbuwa Female I have chosen within prosperity
Izeyese Female I acknowledge act of kindness
Iziegbe Female I am patient; or patience
Izoduwa Unisex I have chosen the path of prosperity
Izogie Female (1.) Amusing. (2.) I chose a leader
Joromi Male Famous folklore wrestler
Kenekene Female Features of beauty
Keneri Male Some type of exotic bird
Minoho Female Nobody wants insult
Nadiakhe Female Who you waited for will not wait for you
Nanare Female Come gently and gallantly
Neda Unisex It does not matter to me
Nehi Male What destiny has
Nehikhare Male What my destiny have ordain
Nehizena Unisex Who the destiny has chosen for
Nekpen Female Gallant
Nekpenekpen Female Following the right part of life gallantly and judiciously
Niyen Female Discuss
Noghayin Female One who will dwell and be steadfast
Nogieru Unisex Is the survival of adversity that brags
Nohuoma Unisex One that is advocating for every body’s well being
Nohuwa Unisex Who wants prosperity
Noronze Female One that knows the value of bronze and gold artistry
Noruwa Unisex Who is in prosperity
Nosa Unisex What God has
Nosagie Unisex The one God has sent
Nosakhare Unisex What God has spoken
Nosaze Unisex The one God has chosen
Notayo Female Broadcaster
Nowamagbe Unisex Who survive the adversity and hatred of the family
Noyin Female Who is ready and willing to dwell
Noyoze Female An Artist of bronze and gold sculpture

Benin Names that Begin With “O”

Benin Name Use for Meaning
Obaretin Male King is powerful, the power of a king
Obarisiagbon Male Kings pivot the activities of the world
Obaseki Male Kingship is greater than business deals
Obasogie Male King is worthy of adoration
Obasuyi Male King is worthy of praises and respect
Obayagbona Male God gave the world to the Kings
Obayangbon Male Kings rules the world
Obazee Male King came to the rescue
Odaro Male Forward
Ode Unisex Path
Odemwingie Male It has fortified my prosperity
Odia Unisex It is well
Odiase Male Well manner
Odigie Male It is fortified
Ododo Female Bright and elegant
Odoligie Male In charge of royalty
Odowa Unisex Path home
Oduwa Unisex Path of prosperity
Ofure Unisex It is peaceful
Ogbe Male Ones foundation
Ogbebor Male Clan can prophesy
Ogbemudia Male Family has been made stable and firm
Ogbodu Male Some kind of spiritual bird
Ogbomo Male Palace of children
Oghide Male Must be present
Oghogho Unisex Happiness
Oghomwen Unisex Mine
Oghomwenyemwen Female I love what is mine
Oghorhose Female Respect is beauty
Oghoye Female She is respectful
Ogiemudia Male A leader has been fortified
Ogieriakhi Male Leaders don’t revenge
Ohehen Male Comfortable situation
Ohiegbomwan Male One’s own judgment
Ohomoime Female
Ohonbamu Male Fear of the King
Okankan Female Very tough and powerful
Okey Male Hill
Okhomina Male This is like a dream
Okoro Male Prince
Okpefua Male It take time and hard work to be noble
Okpunwa Female Foundation of prosperity
Okun Unisex Ocean
Okunbor Male The ocean can prophesy
Okundia Male In the dwelling of the ocean
Okunsogie Female Ocean have the quality of adoration
Okuomose Male War is not a thing of beauty
Okuta Unisex Rock or stone
Oleghe Male It is blissful
Oloi Female King’s wife
Olomo Female Child Birthing
Olumese Male One that was kind to me
Omagbon Male The goodness of life
Omigie Male Child of foundation
Omiwe Male
Omo Female Child
Omobude Female Child can advice
Omodamwen Female I love children
Omodia Unisex Well raised child
Omoehiomwan Female Child is one’s pride and destiny
Omofonmwan Male Child will defend and uphold your dignity
Omogui Male Child is not and an anger
Omokaro Male Child is first and foremost
Omokhose Female Child is the parents beauty
Omonigho Female Child is more precious than money
Omonuwa Unisex Praises of child as a respect
Omoragbon Male Child is life
Omoraye Unisex Child is what is life
Omoregbe Male Child is your trusted family
Omoregie Male Children are Kings and Queens
Omorodion Male Child is supreme
Omorogieva Unisex Child is your partner
Omorogiuwa Unisex Child is the King of prosperity
Omorose Female Children are the community’s beauty
Omorotionmwan Male Child is your relative
Omorovbiye Female Child is your brother and sister
Omorowa Female Child is what is home
Omoruyi Male Child is command respect
Omosede Female Child value is greater than the crown
Omosefe Female Child is more worthy than riches
Omosekha Unisex Child defends and uphold the parent’s dignity
Omosigho Unisex Child more valuable than money
Omosukpon Female Child is greater than wealth
Omoyemwen Female I love children
Omozaye Female Is child that complement your existence
Omozuwa Female Child strengthen your prosperity
Onaghise Male Last but not the least
Onah Female Design
Onaifo Male This have no ending
Oriakhi Male Avenger
Oriri Male Tremble
Orobosa Unisex Is all in the hands of God
Oronsaye Male Life is worthy to live
Orumwense Male One that was kind to me
Osa Unisex I am the image of God
Osabuohien Male God have settle the dispute
Osadebamwen Unisex God is with me
Osadolor Unisex Is God that resolve matters
Osagbemwonrhue Female God has decorated me with joy and happiness
Osaghae Male Is God that shares
Osagie Male God has sent
Osagiede Male God decree what happens daily
Osagioduwa Male God direct the path of prosperity
Osaheni Male God knows your name
Osahenrumwen Female God hears my prayer
Osahon Male God hear and listen
Osaibueku Unisex God is impartial in judgment
Osaigbokan Unisex Substance of God dispensation
Osaigbovo Male God is not envious
Osaiyekemwen Unisex God is my foundation
Osakpamwan Male Is God that uplift someone
Osakpolor Male God is great
Osama Male God is good
Osamagbe Unisex If God did not kill
Osamagioghomwenwie Unisex God protected what is mine
Osamakon Unisex God is not wicked
Osamede Unisex Is God that makes the crown
Osamiho Female
Osamudiamen Unisex God stands firmly for me
Osamuyi Male God gives respect
Osamuyimen Male God has give me respect
Osaremwinda Unisex Don’t have any other God beside the creator
Osarenghemwen Unisex God knows my time
Osarenkhoe Male God knows your heart content
Osarenoma Male God knows the good ones
Osarenortor Male Is only God that knows who will live long on earth
Osarenren Male God knows
Osaretin Unisex God is powerful
Osariemen Unisex God’s gift
Osaro Unisex Testimony of the existence of God
Osarobo Male God is the doctor
Osarose Female God is friend
Osaruese Female God, I am grateful
Osarugue Female God’s is my protector
Osarumwense Unisex God has been kind to me
Osasenaga Unisex God is worthy of adoration
Osasogie Female God is King
Osasu Unisex God guide
Osasumwen Male God leads me
Osasuyi Male God is worthy of adoration
Osatiti Unisex God is famous
Osato Unisex God have mercy
Osatohanmwen Female God have mercy on me
Osawaru Male Is God that grant and approve our action
Osawe Male God approves
Osawemwenze Unisex God permitted to make a choice
Osayande Male God owns the day
Osayanmon Female God owns the child
Osayi Unisex God creation
Osayimwense Unisex God created me with perfection
Osayomwanbo Unisex Is God that help every one
Osayuki Unisex God made the moon
Osayuwamen Female God has bless me with prosperity
Osazee; Osaze Unisex God has chosen and made it possible. Loved by God
Osazemwinde Unisex Is God that decree what is to be
Osazogie Female Is God that chose the King
Osazuwa Male God blessing
Oseghale Unisex
Oseki Unisex Greater than business deals
Oseluese Female God, I am grateful
Osemen Unisex
Osemwen Male My friend
Osemwengie Male Giving me the contentment and satisfaction of a King
Osemwenkhae Male Enough for me to analyze
Osemwonyenmwen Female Giving me the contentment of joyfulness
Osemwunghe Male Enough to make stare
Osenaga Unisex Worthy of adoration
Osetale Unisex What God has ordained
Osevbhoriri Unisex Enough to make tremble
Oseyi Unisex God creation
Osobase Male
Osoyenmwen Female Enough for me to joyful
Osunbor Male Osun spirit and deity can prophesy
Osunde Male Osun spirit and deity cannot be undo
Osuyi Unisex Is worthy of adoration
Otabor Male Evening prophesy
Otasowie Unisex Make preparation in youth for golden age
Otibhor Female Child make me proud
Otiti Unisex In vogue
Oto Male Land
Otoghile Male The land does not run away
Otoibhi Female One whose conception or birth is safeguarded
Otokiti Unisex Magnificent land
Otsu Male
Ovbhokhan Unisex Junior among twins
Ovbiogbe Unisex Child of the clan
Ovenseri Unisex Radiant of the sun
Oviarobo Male Ovia spirit and deity is a doctor
Oviasu Male Ovia spirit and deity guide and protect
Oviasuyi Male Ovia is worthy of adoration
Oviawe Male Ovia chief priest
Owaeghianye Unisex Enemy within
Owen Male Star
Owie Male Morning
Oyeh Female What is being like
Oyenmwen Female Joyfulness
Oyevbimina Male It looks like a dream.
Oyuki Male Moon creator

Benin Names That Begin with “R” to “Z”

Benin Name Used For Meaning
Regie Male Leadership, Being a leader
Samu Male God carried
Satile Unisex No betting with God
Senaga Unisex Enough to be worship
Serai Unisex Live it alone
Sogie Female Worthy to be a leader
Suyi Male Is respectful
Taiwo Unisex Eldest of the twins
Taso Male Golden years
Teghese Female The time is right
Tiyosayi Female I believe in God
Ubini Male This is Benin
Udazi Unisex Great Lord
Ugbo Male Farm
Ugbo Male Farm
Ugheghe Female I am just watching
Ugiagbe Male One that cannot be kill
Uhunamure Unisex One that was born with good destiny
Uhunoma Unisex One with good destiny
Ujangbe Male One whose conception or birth is safe guarded
Ukeke Male Tighten
Ukhuegbe Unisex Flawless body
Ukinebo Unisex Radiant of the moon
Ukpelukpe Unisex Beautiful moon
Ukponahusi Male Year of greatness
Ulamen Female Source of spring water
Uloko Male Spiritual tree
Usifo Male Anticipation and pressure is over
Usiobaifo Male King’s anticipation and pressure can never be over
Usunobun Male Multitude of people
Utete Unisex Hills
Utomwen Unisex Long life
Uvbi Female Princess
Uvbinogbe Female Ogbe Community princess
Uwadia Male Wealth has been set up
Uwafiokun Female The ocean never lack prosperity
Uwagboe Male Prosperity has been rooted to blossom
Uwaifo Male Prosperity cannot be exhausted
Uwaila Unisex Prosperity is never late
Uwasota Unisex Long lasting wealth
Uwumarogie Male Death don’t recognize or spare the King
Uyi Unisex Respect
Uyinmwen Unisex Character
Uyiro Male Respect is dear and is inexpensive
Uzamere Male Forgiven
Woghiren Male Is up to you
Yalekhue Unisex Forgive
Yoname Female Let me have this as a gift
Yonawan Female Learn a lesson
Yuki Unisex Moon created
Yuwa Female Create wealth
Zaye Female Blissful life
Zena Female Chosen to be
Zogie Female Choose to be a leader
Zomi Male
Zomizomi Male
Zona Female I have knowledge of artistry
Zuki Male Choose the moon
Zusi Unisex Choose to be famous
Zuwa Female Choose to be wealthy

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