JAMB CAPS Login 2019 – See How To Login To JAMB CAPS Portal 2019 And Check Admission Status

jamb caps login 2019

JAMB CAPS Login 2019 – How To Login To JAMB CAPS Portal In 2019 www.caps.jamb.gov.ng/

Do you want to login to JAMB CAPS portal 2019 and check your JAMB admission status online easily? Then, you will find how to do that on this page.

After the introduction of JAMB CAPS portal in 2017, a lot of candidate have been finding it difficult to login to JAMB CAPS portal on www.caps.jamb.gov.ng

If you have been receiving the error message, “Invalid login credentials” then you need to read this article.

The gist is that JAMB CAPS login portal is not www.caps.jamb.gov.ng. In fact, you will continue to get the error message until the problem is fixed by JAMB.

So, how do I login to JAMB CAPS portal 2019 to check my admission status? See the complete guide below.


How To Login To JAMB CAPS Portal

Follow the procedures below to login to JAMB CAPS portal in 2019.

  1. Visit the JAMB CAPS login portal by clicking www.jamb.org.ng
  2. Click on “#Click here to login to eFacilty”. It will take you to www.jamb.org.ng/efacilty/login
  3. Enter the email address and password you used to register for JAMB in the spaces provided

If you forgotten your JAMB profile password, check the first email JAMB sent to you when you registered for JAMB 2019. You will find you login details in the email.

  1. Click on login after putting your correct login details. You will be taken to your JAMB e-facility profile dashboard as seen below

jamb caps login portal 2019

  1. From the list of menus on the dashboard, click on “Check JAMB CAPS#”.

It will take you to JAMB CAPS portal welcome page as seen below:

jamb caps welcome page

By following the steps above to this point, you have just successfully logged in to your JAMB CAPS portal.
Now, the question is, “It is only showing welcome, how do I check my admission status?” Continue reading below.

If you are checking your JAMB CAPS portal with a laptop/PC, you will see “Admission Status” tab on the left bar of the browser. Click on it.

You will see your registration number in a box (you cannot clear it because you logged into your own JAMB profile earlier and your JAMB registration is attached to it)

Click on “Check admission status” beside the registration number


JAMB CAPS Login 2019 With Mobile Phone

Before you try to login to JAMB CAPS portal, note the following

  • You should only use advanced browsers like Google chrome/Firefox (do not use Opera mini)
  • The admission status tab will not be visible at the left bar of the browser when you login with mobile phone.

You need to switch your mobile browser to desktop mode because JAMB CAPS portal is designed for desktop

To switch to desktop mode, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Menu icon from your browser (the 3 dashes usually at the top right/left corner of your browser)
  • From the list of Menu, you will see “Switch to desktop” with a unmarked box beside it
  • Click on it to mark the box and switch to desktop mode
  • The JAMB CAPS page will reload and you will see the admission status tab on the side bar now
  • Click on it to check the JAMB CAPS admissions status page
  • Now, you can view your JAMB admission status and JAMB CAPS profile by clicking on “Check admission status” beside the box containing your registration number

NOTE: If you find yourself logged out of JAMB CAPS portal anytime you switch to desktop mode on the welcome page, then you should switch to desktop mode before you login at all.

Finally, I will quickly show you how to check your JAMB CAPS admission status on any small phone/smart phone using opera mini.

  1. When you get to the welcome page, click on the URL in the address bar.
  2. Check the URL address properly and look for default.aspx
  3. Clear the default and change it to candidateadmission
  4. Hence, you will have default.aspx replaced by candidateadmission.aspx
  5. Click on the Enter button and the page will reload with your admission status displayed
  6. Click on the check admission status beside your registration number to check your admission status.

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